Friday, February 28, 2014

Stacey Davis

Photo Title: Ripta Bus at RIC
"Now Leaving Rhode Island College on route 92"

Stacey Davis

Photo title: Inside RIPTA Bus
Why am I the only one leaving RIC right now?

Stacey Davis

Photo Title: Street Bus Stop
Waiting for the bus to go RIC..... Still Waiting.

Zoe Adames

Photo Title: Arriving at RIC
"You have now reached your destination. Rhode Island College is on the Right."

Zoe Adames

Photo title: Keefe Transportation Center

Outside frontal view of students waiting at the RIC bus stop.

Zoe Adames

Photo Title: Snow at RIC stop
How can anyone get on the sidewalk to even get on the bus to leave the RIC campus? Or to get off the bus?

Natalie Rodriguez

Snow finally melting that was near the bus stop.
The station where you wait for the bus to let you in.
Bus 92 comes to RIC and you can see the times in Roberts hall

Kara Tracy

  Photo title: Bus Schedule

What's the point of this display board at the RIC campus bus stop if the bus never shows up?

Kara Tracy

Photo Title: Heat Escaping

Heating lamps inside the RIC bus stop but open doorways let it escape.

Kara Tracy

Photo title: Waiting
RIC students sitting in the Keefe Transportation Center (campus bus stop) on the cold chairs waiting for the bus

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Photo Title: RIPTA Art
Hey guys, I got bored so I drew this for our group. -Stacey

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Transportation group

RIC transportation, post your photos here!